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Yesterday, I was reading this:

“…at one point in our creation something went wrong with fire.”  Planetary Forces Alchemy and Healing, Samuel Sagan, pg. 49 (c) 1996

It’s a very basic re-telling of the myth of fallen fire, the essence of which is that once upon a time, “Fire used to be an ardent worshipper of the Divine, always chanting the glory of God…Truly, fire was the most godly and heartwarming of all principles found on Earth — nothing on this planet would carry the Divine Presence more than fire…”

“Then something mysterious happened, which human beings could not — and still cannot — fully understand…Gradually, fire went wrong. Its heart changed. Instead of bringing the Divine Presence to human beings, it became the deliverer of all sorts of evils.  It brought anger and war, and men began using it to fashion weapons. It also brought fever and scores of disease.”

“Some say that fire was stolen by dark forces. Others say that if human beings lost fire, it is because they did not care for it well enough.”

“The last part of the myth says that it is the mission of human being to redeem fire, that is, to restore its integrity and make it the dwelling of God again.”

This morning in my inbox, I found this: “Reinventing Fire: Join us this October for a symposium of discussion and debate on the challenges of ending the fossil fuel era, with workshops exploring viable solutions for using energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.” http://www.rmi2009.org/?page_id=413

For those who don’t know, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a very well established center for innovative, practical eco-solutions, with a major focus on energy. I have been amazed and delighted many times by talks given by Amory Lovins.

“Of course, this may seem a huge task for such little beings, for there is no doubt the Lords of Fallen Fire will fiercely defend their position. Yet it is the task that was allotted to human beings, and if they fulfill it, they will stop being dwarfs. Or perhaps, it is when they stop being dwarfs that the mission will be fulfilled.” Planetary Forces Alchemy and Healing, Samuel Sagan, pg. 49-50 (c) 1996


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