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A month or two ago I found an Eckhart Tolle clip that sums up the general trajectory of my entire life.

It’s on EckhartTolleTV.com, and titled “The Question of Personal Responsibility.” I’ve watched it about five times so far–often because I was enthusiastically showing it to one friend or other–and will likely watch it about another 50.

It basically sums up the relationship between “making the world a better place” and personal growth.

Put another way, Tolle addresses what it really means to change the world inside-out; by changing yourself first…what that looks like, why and how.

For me, he illustrates what I am starting to see must be at the top of environmentalists (and social activists) to do lists: save yourself first. (“Secure your own respirator before assisting others.”) Really, at the tippy-top.  It sounds potentially overly self-centered, but I’m beginning to suspect that is a trick of the ego to take the focus off of what is of absolute primary importance.

I’m also remembering John Trudell at a Bioneers conference several years ago, reiterating over and over, “Life is about responsibility.” I really liked that talk…


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I attended a talk recently by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, and learned of his organization’s Project GreenHands initiative. From what I gathered on the Isha Foundation’s website (that the name of the organization) http://www.ishafoundation.org/ProjectGreenHands, they have planted 7.1 million trees.  Their goal is to plant 114 million, resulting in a 10% increase in green cover in the state of Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

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