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stop-the-dakota-access-pipeline_imageI received this email via a friend in my inbox this morning. With permission from the author, I am posting the contents on this blog because this group of people is attempting to protect their water supply from a massive petroleum infrastructure project that could jeopardize their health, culture, and local environment. (Imagine if the residents of Flint, MI had had the opportunity to oppose the actions that lead to the poisoning of their water.) In recognition of the extremely urgent need to leave fossil fuels behind, many others have joined the Native American groups who are putting their bodies between the place they love and the machine of the global economy. This is a proverbial David vs. Goliath moment. Or perhaps, love versus an anti-social form of capitalism.

Please hold a sacred space around this topic and this issue. The players need guidance from their higher selves. You can help by avoiding contributing to the animosity, and instead contributing to the solution(s). Collectively, we and our descendants all stand to benefit from stopping this pipeline. We all stand to lose by allowing it to stumble onward.


Dear Friends and Political Allies,

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a proposed $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that will connect Bakken crude (which is fracked & highly volatile) production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois.  This pipeline will cross the Missouri River and Cannon Ball River threatening drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and those who live downriver.

The water and land protectors who are peacefully resisting this pipeline comprise over 100 Native-American tribes (from the U.S., Canada, and South America) and their non-Native allies.
North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple is calling on the National Guard to assist with the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.  The Governor claims that the National Guard will be used in a ‘very limited role.’  (But since I’ have first-hand knowledge of how law enforcement treats Native-Americans in the Dakotas, I am very skeptical!).
With the assistance of the Highway Patrol, Morton County Sheriffs have arrested or brought charges against many people, including well-know journalists (Amy Goodman & Deia Schlosberg) and the actor Shailene Woodley.   This attack on journalists’ First Amendment rights speaks to how desperate this Dallas-based corporation is to try to complete this pipeline in secrecy.
Winters in North Dakota are harsh! Even harsher that the ones I experienced in South Dakota.
So, resources are needed for those resisters planning to spend the winter fighting this pipeline.  Here are some ways that you can assist the brave, committed environmental justice activists:
  1. Call North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200.  When leaving a message, state your thoughts about this issue, but please be respectful.
  2. Sign the petition to the White House to Stop DAPL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-construction-dakota-access-pipeline-which-endangers-water-supply-native-american-reservations
  3. Call the White House at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  4. Call the Army Corps of Engineers and demand that they reverse the permit:  202-761-5903.
  5. Sign other petitions asking President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Here’s the latest to cross my desk:  https://act.credoaction.com/sign/NoDAPL
  6. Supplies (requested list at http://sacredstonecamp.org/supply-list/), cash or check donations can be sent to:  Sacred Stone Camp, P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND  58538
  7. You can donate money electronically to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Fundhttps://www.gofundme.com/sacredstonecamp.
  8. Donate WINTER clothing items from the Sacred Stone Camp (Amazon* Wish List) Supply List
    • Carhartt Men’s Quilt Lined Duck Bib Overalls R02
    • Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Sherpa Lined Sandstone Hooded Multi Pocket Jacket J284
    • Carhartt Sherpa Lined Sandstone Hooded Multi Pocket Jacket J284
    • Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot
    • Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Li Wide Snow Boot
    • Go Athlectic’s Men’s SUB-ZERO Cold Weather Gear Thermal Base Layer Pants-XL
9.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area…on November 10th, the Place for Sustainable Living (1121 64th Street in Oakland) is having a fundraiser for those defending the water and land against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).  Items that have been requested:
    • tents (various sizes) and army tents
    • 1 person pup tents
    • flashlights
    • lanterns
    • sleeping bags (heavy duty)
    • blankets
    • heat blankets
    • rain coats/rain gear
    • woo; socks
    • Winter gear
    • Shades/canopies
    • chem lights
    • tarps
    • folding tables
    • coolers (large)
    • cell phone boosters
    • solar powered chargers/lights
    • walkie talkies
    • fire wood
    • parachute cord
    • jumper cables
    • non-perishable bulk food
    • variety bandages
    • splints
    • ace wraps
    • sleeves
    • Goldbond
    • medical tape
    • athletic tape
    • medical scissors
    • ice/hot packs
10. Call the executives of the companies that are building the pipeline:
11.  If you have a 4wd pickup that you’d like to donate, e-mail: sacredstonecamp@gmail.com.  The truck will be used for getting water, firewood, and other supplies to the camp.  The camp is in need of something than can handle harsh cold, snow, and steep dirt roads.

*I’m aware that some activists boycott Amazon.

Best regards,
Alfreda Wright
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”-Alice Walker

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